Why Van Pipe Carriers are a Great Idea

van pipe carriersFor tradesmen that need to transport pipes, conduit, or trunking in their vans, pipe carriers are a great option.

Materials like copper are big targets for thieves thanks to the material’s value.

A van pipe carrier is a great accessory for your van not only because of the security it provides against theft but also for the safety of those around you.


Pipe carriers help to keep materials clean and intact. When pipes are tied precariously to the roof of a van, they run the risk of being lost on the road, stolen, or worse, they can cause serious injury to those around the van if they do fall out.

Van pipe carriers reduce not only the liability risk of your materials being stolen, but they also lower the risk of injury to others. In the latter case, of course, it would be you or your company that bears the responsibility when it comes to insurance and legal matters.

What to Look for in a Pipe Carrier

Because one of a pipe carrier’s main functions is safety, it is important that you make sure you are getting the safest option on the market. Look for one that has been tested in crash studies, as the sudden stop of a van can cause an unsecured and heavy load to fly off.

There are also some factors to consider when buying the right size van pipe carriers, especially when you are ordering them online. In this case, you will want to carefully consider the dimensions so that it can fit with your existent roof rack (if there is already one on your van), and so that it is not too long for the cargo area of your vehicle.

Most of them are either 2 or 3 meters in length, which means it is usually preferable to arrange them along the length of the van.

Finally, when shopping around for van pipe carriers, make sure that the type you want to buy will accommodate the usual amount of piping that you carry around.

Overall, van pipe carriers are a great option if you are often in charge of carrying around valuable piping materials. Finding the right one for your van can help to ensure not only against theft but against hazardous conditions as well.