Vauxhall Combo still going strong!

Vauxhall ComboA courier from Maidenhead has hit the headlines this week for reaching the 500,000 mile mark in his Vauxhall Combo.

Bought by Nigel Weaver in 2001, the Vauxhall Combo van has gone on to achieve half a million miles using the same original engine.

Vauxhall receive top marks for the durability of this trusty van which averages 75,000 miles per year and has only ever been serviced with Vauxhall Genuine Parts.

“I bought the Combo because I liked the look of it, the fact it was comfortable and like a car to drive,” said Nigel. The courier van driver claims the key to his van’s longevity is to stick to a rigorous maintenance programme. “I’ve always ensured the oil is changed as soon as it’s due, and have always used genuine Vauxhall parts,” he added.

In 2008, the 1.7-litre diesel van is still going strong, and continues to rack up well over 1,000 miles a week.