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insurance onlineIn order to track down the best van insurance quotes at the cheapest price for you or your company its always best to fire up the computer and head online instead of dusting off the yellow pages and spending ages ringing around to find the best deals.

Loads of people pay way over the odds for their van insurance and there’s really no excuse, just 5 minutes online with and we could help you could save hundreds of pounds. Just fill in our simple, no-obligation quote form and you’ll be hit by an array of inexpensive quotes to choose from.

For anyone who’s just starting out in business and have just ordered a new van, then you know full well the need to keep costs down – more and more businesses and drivers are being priced off the roads each day so its important to insure it by the least expensive means possible. Whatever you do, don’t chance it and go without cover, the risks just aren’t worth it in this day and age.

Information – more is better

The more info you can provide the insurer the better, there are plenty of ways you can the cost of cover reduced. Insurers love careful drivers but don’t give up hope if you have accidents or convictions – a large proportion of the UK’s drivers now have points on their licence so the impact of these is gradually reducing.

Don’t, under any circumstances, be tempted to tell little white lies to try to get them to reduce the cost of the policy. This can often backfire and leave your insurance policy nothing but an expensive bit of paper, the cover will be null and void if you’ve told any porkies.

If you are in charge of a business that has multiple commercial vehicles, you can take the cost and hassle out of insuring them individually by taking up fleet insurance – this takes care of all your vehicles under one policy and can save you a fortune.

If you are hunting for cover for more than one commercial vehicle and you do take on a fleet cover, the best savings can be made by ensuring all named drivers on the policy are over 25 with at least 3 years motoring experience and a nice clean driving licence.

In todays harsh economic climate, business owners and private van owners alike both need to do all they can to cut motoring costs wherever possible. We hope we can help you by getting you the best value for money when you search for insurance with us.

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