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CompareNot all policies are created equal – are you comparing apples with apples? Well we’ve made it simpler for you because you’ll be able to compare low cost cover through this site from over 40 top quality UK providers.

Does your business rely on moving services or products equipment to customer sites? Does your company use a fleet of commercial vehicles? If so, what kind of insurance do you currently hold? Company van insurance, like all insurance plans, may seem like an unwanted expense but can be seen as an investment into your security and future as a business owner.

Decent cover provides you with peace of mind in case of accidents or damage, and an expertly handled claim will allow you to get your commercial vehicle fixed without leaving you out of pocket.

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Regardless of the types of cover you require, for UK based insurers, there are 2 sure fire methods for dropping the monthly premium – increasing the excess along with limiting access to the vehicle.

Increasing the excess is a bit of a gamble – you may think you are a safe and careful driver, but you must take into account the other dreadful motorists about the road! If you’re the only person who drives the commercial vehicle and you are confident you can stay out of trouble, it may be a valuable option to consider. If the van gets used by numerous employees, it may not be the best idea and could be a risk thats not worth taking.

Another good way to drop your premiums, and not just for commercial vehicles, is by adding appropriate security devices to them. By reducing the chance of being stolen or broken into, you decrease your premium each month.

Above all else, set aside some time to compare the different policies that are on offer. Look at the different quotes available, and don’t simply go with the lowest price. Examine the small print to be sure that your cover is suitable for your needs. Above all else, if in doubt – ask! Simply call the number provided to speak to knowledgeable, UK based specialists who can ensure you have the right cover for your business at the best price for you.

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