Stay On the Road With The Proper Van Insurance

Techfold vanMany people take even the best van insurance for granted until there is an accident or they have let their insurance lapse. According to the driving laws in the UK, if you plan on driving in any public place, you must have some form of insurance. This is doubly so in the case of commercial van insurance. All vehicles on the road must have at least third party insurance, which would cover the damages to another vehicle in the case of an accident.

What Kind of Van Insurance Cover Should You Get?

There are only three options when choosing van insurance coverage: third party, third party plus theft and fire, and comprehensive. Third party insurance is the least expensive and is the least amount of coverage available. Third party will not cover any damages to your own vehicle.

This may be a good option if you drive very little, or if you need much smaller monthly premiums. Third party plus fire and theft is the middle road, so to speak, in van insurance. It will cover the other driver’s damages, and can cover the damage to your belongings inside the van in the case of fire or theft. This is slightly more expensive than third party insurance, but offers more protection.

Comprehensive is the most expensive, but offers complete insurance coverage to your vehicle and the other vehicle in the case of a motor vehicle accident. While it is more costly than the other two options, if you use your van a great deal for work or pleasure, you may be far better off getting better insurance coverage. The more you travel, the greater your odds of having at least a fender-bender, so consider that when you are deciding.

What Extras are Included?

A vast range of extras will not be included within the normal policy – they are added on and are at additional cost. However, you may be happy that you opted for the roadside assistance insurance the next time you get a flat tire. You can also opt for the motor legal insurance, which can assist you if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver.

While you are not legally required to get these extra services, you may want to look at the minimal cost for these policies, and add up the potential savings in the case of an accident.

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