Save cash in the crunch

petrol pricesWhen it comes to the crunch, read tips on how to save money on fuel.

With the credit crunch taking over our lives, it seems to be all doom and gloom for commercial vehicle drivers who face inflated petrol prices and a premium on the daily running costs of their vehicles.

That’s why this week we want to make you aware of a website called which can save you money every time you fill up. Simply log onto, fill in your personal details and you will then be eligible to find out the nearest petrol station in your area which sells the cheapest petrol or diesel.

Van Drivers Money Saving Tips

The RAC also has some good advice on how to save some cash:
• Switch off your air con – open your air vents instead
• Avoiding sharp braking and accelerating will save you up to 30% in fuel
• Stick to the speed limit on motorways (55mph for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes). Slowing by 10mph saves 40p on fuel every 10 miles.
• If your van has cruise control, make sure you use it.
• Check your tyres – driving with soft tyres adds 2% to your fuel costs.
• Check a van’s fuel economy before you buy it – you could save yourself around £12 a week.
• Choose toll roads where you can – the surface is usually better which will save your tyres and fuel consumption.

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