Nissan Primastar 2.0 D SE 115 (SWB)

Nissan Primastar 2.0 D SE 115 (SWB)High quality, stylish and good looking, the Primastar offers a smooth rideThe new range of engines for the Primastar give improved performance and fuel efficiency, fully complying with Euro 4 emissions to offer more power and torque, and a noise level that can be comparable to a petrol engine at times. The 2.0 litre dCi is available with 90HP or 115 HP – we drove the latter with power outputs of 290Nm. Also available is a 2.5 litre dCi offering 150HP and 320Nm, and a petrol version 2.0litre produces 120HP and 190Nm. All engines are offered with a 6 speed gearbox

The high seating position and large windscreen ensure that visability is easy, although the wing mirrors lack the size of others in this class, manoeuvres are still relatively easy. Firing up the engine, we were surprised at just how quiet it was, and this was further reduced with a load. With responsive steering, a tight turning circle and smooth gear shifts, the ride felt effortless yet controlled. We filled our Primastar with a load of 800kg and found that acceleration remained strong, and once you have hit 6th gear the engine almost purrs. Our only blip in an otherwise perfect ride was the pressure required to access the brakes which lacked a quick response. We would also recommend the rear parking sensors fitted on our van as an option to improve and ease manoeuvres.

Entering the cabin, the seats are plush and very comfortable. The dashboard is plain and basic but the dials are clear and easy to use. There was a distinct lack of storage space, with no cup holders or overhead storage space at all, and little space other than the passenger floor in which to store things. A small glove box would hold the smallest of lunch boxes or perhaps a bottle of water but it is highly an ideal home.


The optional 1 metre twin sliding doors available and a low floor, the 2.4m long cargo deck is easy to access. You can also specify 250 degree rear doors to give total impeded access to the van. The Primastar will happily take a full sized pallet’s dimensions and has a load volume of 5.9 cubic metres on the short wheel based version, or a vast 8.4 meters cubed for taller vans. There are two anchorage points on the floor to secure loads with the option for protective load floor and side coverings if required.



Stylish looks set this van apart from its peers, with value for money also a strong consideration as long as you’re happy to settle for a basic spec.

Engines: 2.5dCi

Gearbox: 6 speed manual

Power output: 115 PS

Maximum Torque: 290 Nm @ 1600

Insurance group: 4

Maximum pay load (kg): 1000

Turning Circle (k2k): 11.84

Load dimensions (mm): (length x width x height) 240 x 1690 x 1387

Wheelbase (mm): 3098

Warranty: 60,000 miles / 3 years