Nissan Cabstar Dropside 2.5dCi 130 (SWB)

Nissan Cabstar Dropside 2.5dCi 130 (SWB)A solid, reliable truck with impressive manoeuvrability and a generous load capacity

Ownership of the Cabstar is competitively priced, with longer service intervals and reduced fuel consumption.

The new engines on the Cabstar all comply with Euro 4 emissions and provide greater power, performance and fuel economy which is improved by 5 per cent. We drove a higher powered version of the new 2.5 litre common-rail turbo diesel engine featuring an intercooler which boosts the power to 130PS, a 5PS improvement over the previous model.  The more flexible performance of the new Cabstar range is coupled with an extended service interval up to a total 18,000 miles.

Revised pedal heights and an adjustable steering column enhance the driver’s seating position, making visibility easy and giving the driver more ease when driving or parking the Cabstar in urban areas.  Its ‘cab over engine’ design means that more of the length of the truck can be used as load-carrying space. The length is also 750mm shorter than other rivals which also increases its manoeuvrability. The drive is what you’d expect from a truck of this spec – it’s bumpy and noisy when empty, but this eases once a load is added. Steering is made easy by the flatter positioned wheel, but we did find the gear shift a little stiff.


We drove a Cabstar with a Single Tilt Cab, but there is also a fixed Double Cab for medium and long wheel based models. Swing up into the cabin and you’ll discover that the dashboard has been restyled to include restyled dials and a multifunctional trip computer which keeps the driver alert with the van’s performance, for example, providing maintenance alerts, average speed, oil level and fuel range. There is a plenty of storage options in the Cabstar – in front of the passenger seating is a large, lockable glove box and a smaller document box, and more storage space is provided in the roof area above the driver’s head and behind the seats is a further storage box, accessed through a gap in the centre front seat or by folding the backrest flat.


The new Cabstar is the first Nissan vehicle to feature a platform based ladder frame chassis which is easier for specialist body builders to use as a base for conversion. All Cabstars provide best in class payloads, with the 3.5 tonne, short wheel base 130 PS dropside model sporting a payload of 1521 kg. Dropside payloads range from 1239 to 1521 kg and start at load lengths of 3160mm, extending to 4600mm.



A solid, reliable truck with impressive manoeuvrability and a generous load space.

Engines: 2.5dCi

Gearbox: 5 speed manual

Power output: 130 PS

Maximum Torque: 250 @ 1600

Insurance group: 10E T1

Maximum pay load (kg): 1521

Turning Circle (k2k)/(W2W): 9.62/10.58

Towing capacity (kg): 2000 (braked)

Body height (mm): 400

Body width (mm): 1900

Wheelbase (mm): 2500

Warranty: 60,000 miles / 3 years