Frequently Asked Questions

If you drive any form of commercial vehicle transporting either passengers or goods, then you will require some level of van insurance cover.

We know finding the best level of cover isn’t straightforward so please read our FAQ’s for some answers to the most common questions you may have.

What if I don’t have proper cover? Van insurance is a legal requirement for van owners in the UK to protect you and other road users in the event of any accidents. If you don’t have a valid policy for your vehicle then at the very least you could be fined and receive penalty points on your license.  Worst case scenario, you could be banned from driving so please don’t take the risk.

How can I apply for a policy? You can do so by entering some basic details in the quote form provided on our website, provided by our partners at Quotezone.

Why should I buy from you? Our partners were one of the first brokers to offer online van insurance and as such have some of the industry experts working for them.

I don’t want to buy online, can I call and speak to a human? Of course, not everyone is the same and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to your commercial vehicle insurance requirements. Call Connections✝ have provided a number at the top of this page that you can call and speak to specialist advisors. You will also find answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions in this page.

When will I get my cover documents? Your policy will be dispatched as soon as your application is completed and payments accepted.

Can I get instant cover? Yes, by paying with credit or debit card. Then subject to our terms and conditions, you may get instant cover.

How can I pay for the policy? You can pay using credit and debit cards or by direct debit.

Can I pay monthly? Depending on the type of plan you choose, you can pay for monthly, quarterly and annually.

What additional extras should I consider? The nature of commercial vehicle use varies greatly and what may is perfect for one van driver, may not suit anothers needs. Consider whether the following extra benefits would be of use:

•    Tools insurance to cover the tools of your trade or goods carried in your vehicle

•    Legal assistance to cover court costs and damages if you are involved in an accident

•    Protected no-claims discount on your van policy

•    European cover, if you need to travel abroad in your vehicle

•    Van Breakdown cover

How can I save even more money on my van insurance?

•    To get the best deals, make sure you don’t pay for extra cover that you’ll never use, think carefully about what you need for example if you never travel outside of the UK in your van, don’t get a policy that automatically gives European cover.

•    Ensure your van is fitted with appropriate security measures such as an alarm and immobiliser. Fitting an approved tracking device could may also reduce your premiums further.

•    Make sure you declare your NCD (no claims discount) -  if you’ve previously driven company or commercial vehicles then your NCD from these may be considered.

•   By increasing your excess could save a fortune on your premium, just make sure you can afford to pay this excess if you need to amke a claim

•    If you’re looking to purchase your a new van, or replace your existing commercial vehicle consider one with a lower engine size, weight class and power for the cheapest van insurance premiums.

No matter how you are using your van, making sure it is properly insured will protect you and your business from any costly legal disputes. Comparing quotes will help you find a fantastic policy at a great price.

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