Differential Parking Charges

Differential Parking Charges With Differential Parking Charges now firmly in place, commercial drivers are getting a raw deal

London Council’s recent statements fail to convey the real story – that commercial vehicle driver’s costs were hiked overnight by around 20 per cent, costing them an extra £100 million!

Gordon Telling, FTA’s Head of Policy for London, South East and East of England said, “Yet again commercial vehicle operators are having their costs pushed up because it is easier to target them than it is to collect PCN revenue from the thousands of unregistered and foreign registered cars in the UK that are free to park illegally without fear of being caught.”

The London Councils’ Transport Committee has insisted that “if we do not break the rules we will not get a ticket”, but this doesn’t seem to be the case when thousands of truck and van drivers are making legitimate deliveries within the capital but are still being dealt penalty charges regardless.

It has been argued that too often local authorities have simply put charges back into the system to wear down commercial operators so that they pay the charges rather than face the enormous hassle of an appeals process. Commercial vehicle drivers who have no choice but to park next to the premises for health and safety reasons are a prime target.

The FTA argue that ‘”Instead of congratulations, London Councils should be applying itself to getting its members to revise loading controls that are not fit for purpose instead of generating increasing surpluses for local authorities to play with.”