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commercial vansIf you’re looking at getting your commercial vehicle insured, whether for private or commercial use, then you’ll know that finding the best cover can often prove a difficult minefield to negotiate.

Not only do you have to be sure you have the best van insurance for your own personal needs, you’ll want to make sure that you have the ideal cover for your business interests as well. That’s why TechFold should be your first port of call when planning to cover your commercial vehicle.

One of the most tricky things when choosing van insurance online is finding the best deal. What may look good on screen, or sound ideal over the telephone, may not be as good as you thought once you sit down and look the paperwork through.

One of the things which can cause the most surprises is any hidden costs, something like admin charges and additional month to month expenses for your insurance premiums. This is where TechFold could make a difference, to help you find the best quotes online and explain all the upfront costs so there are no nasty surprises in store.

If you’ve ever wondered how the insurers work out their prices, and why there are such wide discrepancies in the quotes on offer from different providers, you are not on your own. Loads of firms do claim to have the best quotes, but other costs can come into effect, and often these extras are not obvious when you sign on the dotted line. These can range from staffing overheads to costs of ‘brick and mortar’ offices and admin.

With online cover a whole lot of these overheads are often slashed to the bare minimum.

Unseen Costs At the start

When you look at the business model of a traditional provider (like ones you phone up from the Yellow Pages, or call into on the High Street), the overheads of running that business model can run from tens of thousand of pounds per year to millions. It doesn’t matter to you the customer, what their costs are however, but this all has to be paid for in some way and as a rule the majority is going to come out of your premium.

Straightforward, day-to-day things like pcs, office furnishings – even just stationary, could all mount up, particularly in larger providers or brokers that make use of call centre personnel. Again, this is exactly where TechFold can help you by finding the online providers that have trimmed their operations down to pass the cost savings on to you.

Lower Overheads, Greater Choice

Since we help you compare prices online, we don’t have to worry about the everyday costs which other, more conventional companies do. Therefore, cost savings are made which can be passed directly onto you, the customer. As we are an internet business, the whole process can also be done from the comfort of your own home or office, we are only just a click away!

As opposed to an unknown voice at the other end of the phone line telling you what policies they have been able to find on your behalf, you can find these for yourself, cutting out the middle man while comparing hundreds of insurers offerings online. Not only will this let you spot the best deals that can be found and how they compare to one another, you can also tailor the quotes to your own personal requirements, not what a telephone advisor thinks you require.

And in view of the fact that you’ll be getting the best prices possible, with these savings you can even include useful optional extras to your cover that you couldn’t have afforded previously, such as breakdown cover, tools in van cover and legal expenses. Van insurance online is your best bet.

With TechFold, the advantages don’t just stop with the choice of insurers available to you. You also benefit of our useful online guides, van reviews and money saving tips that all help to make your money go further.

So, next time you’re hunting for commercial van insurance, wether for business or personal use, regardless how big or small the vehicle or what type of cover, make things easy for yourself and let us take care of it all for you.

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