Choosing Your New Van

choosing a new vanYou need a new van, the choices can be overwhelming and you need to make sure you make the right decision.

Now you’re being bombarded by dozens of other decisions: which model? what size? What accessories do I need? How much will everything cost? How can I choose the best van for my business or family?

Have a read through our quick guide to see if there are any questions you might have missed.

Manufacturer and Model Questions:

Perhaps you’re loyal to a certain manufacturer. If so, read on. If not, however, take your time on this one.

Ask friends, family and coworkers to share their experiences with various makes and models. How reliable was the vehicle? Did it need many repairs, and were those repairs reasonably priced? Are replacement parts and skilled mechanics easily available?

Examine manufacturer’s websites, but remember, they want to sell you their van. Read current consumer publications to get an idea of each van’s advantages and flaws. Find independent websites that compare and contrast vans.

When you’re ready, test drive each model that interests you, to get a feel of how the vehicle will be for you to drive every day.

Money Questions:

Most manufacturers’ websites will have a cost of ownership section, but this is not always as informative as you might like.

If you are going to use this van in your business, it’s going to see a lot of use, and your maintenance and fuel costs will therefore be higher. Discuss your needs and concerns in detail with sales staff.

When it comes to financing, you’ll also want to shop around; dealer financing can be good, but it may not be the best deal around. Check into your options, and remember to take account of the VAT.

Accessory Questions:

Think about what accessories you really need for your van. If you’re hauling cargo, for instance, you’ll want to think about plylining, load-lashing rings and bulkheads.

Because most vans have a choice of wheelbases, figure the size of items you’ll be carrying. If you’re hauling people, you need to think about the number of passengers, how flexible seating should be, and if children’s safety needs should be considered.

Need to keep in touch constantly? A Bluetooth phone kit may be a necessity.

Many safety and security devices are now standard, but consider whether or not you need Hill Assist, Traction Control, and which Thatcham Security Category is adequate.

Buying a new van is an exciting, if somewhat daunting, decision, but with thorough and patient research, you’ll find the best one for your business or family.