Choose a Volkswagen Transporter for cost effective travel

Volkswagen Commercial VehiclesVolkswagen Transporter T28 A Volkswagen Transporter has excelled at the MPG Marathon 2012 by achieving 52.48 mpg.

The T28 Transporter SWB was the only medium/large van to achieve more than 50mpg in the event travelling almost three miles further per gallon over the 412 mile route that its rival, the Mercedes Benz Vito.

‘This clearly demonstrates how cost-effective and economical the Volkswagen Transporter can be in real-world driving, and how operators can cut fuel costs by using more economical driving techniques,’ said Simon Elliott, Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

What’s more, the Transporter was carrying 50 per cent of its payload throughout the marathon, and was faced with a variety of A and B roads plus motorway driving to create “real-world” conditions.

So, which van would you choose, the Vito or the Transporter? If looks are anything to go by, the Mercedes Vito wins hands down. But in the performance stakes, have Volkswagen raised the bar just that little bit higher? Tell us what you think.